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Being creative with sound! That’s what Earforce stands for. With regard to the postproduction of advertisements, as well as writing music for commercials, movies, producing artists and bands Earforce is an expert in its field. With great pleasure we convert good ideas into great ideas. Therefore, our studios are filled with the latest technology and have a relaxed atmosphere. Whatever tune you are looking for, we know the sound. Advertising agencies, brands, record labels and bands: Let’s make some noise !


Sound has the power to intensify what we see. It has the power to make you feel things. It makes you see with your ears.

Reinder van Zalk – Owner



We make lot’s of music and archive everything . In this way we’ve created the Earforce Stock Music Library.

The Earforce voice finder lets you quickly find the right voice for your project. 


Who is Earforce?

Earforce has already been on the map in the music and advertising industry for a long period of time. Composer/producer Reinder van Zalk opened the doors of the former ‘Gort Sound’ in October 1994 at the Duivendrechtsekade in Amsterdam. Reinder took over the studio’s in the year 2000 and has formed it into Earforce. Maarit became his business partner, responsible for everything outside the studio. The Duivendrechtsekade is the “cradle” of many great people. The current team of Earforce including, Tymen Geurts, Reinder van Zalk, Eveline Spruijt, Rosalie Langerak, Maarit van Zalk-Adema en Madoc Marein makes itself heard.


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